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TSF/iPhony has existed for 10 years

On March 22, 2008 Willem Brinkman went to the Chamber of Commerce in Arnhem to register under the trade name moslaan.nl as an independent entrepreneur, supplier of websites and ICT advice. In recent years, the name of the company has always been adapted to the expanding services portfolio. Finally, where Willem ever started: ITIL processes Service Design, Service Transition and Service Operation under the striking name The Service Factory.

At that time in 2008, he had already fulfilled a number of roles with his then employer in 11 years, such as ITIL Process Manager for Design & implementation of Software Asset & Configuration Management, Project Manager Refurbishment Order Process, ICT Adviser for Quality Management, Implementation Manager for Business Processes from the Global Process Design (GPO) and Detail Process Design (DPO), etc. His field of interest was and is ICT technology. At that time websites were still very complicated stuff; he was working there evenings to get a website working. It was the time that Content Management Systems were still in its infancy and the first versions of Joomla (version 1.0, originating from the Mambo project) had just come true. A huge technical challenge to get that working. An acquaintance asked him to make a website and that's how it started.

From completed website to ITIL

At the end of 2008 he had delivered six websites based on Joomla and taken technical control. From the very first moment, he has based all activities and processes on ITIL to provide controlled delivery, remedy disruptions, identify problems and innovate services. In the years that followed, the number of sites/shops grew steadily to just over 100 websites in 2015. The range of services expanded to visual design, printing, hosting, management and consultancy to SMEs 

From ITIL to Consultancy (and a littlebit of Scrum, Agile and kanban)

In August 2017 Willem was approached to use his knowledge, expertise and experience at a government agency. Due to his open attitude, his network was again quite obvious here. Here, as an ITIL Process Manager, he has setup the ITIL process Software Asset & Configuration Management, the data model prepared on the basis of a far-reaching form of virtualization and implemented in a new TOPdesk management system to be rolled out. The data model has been set up in such a way that it can be properly set up in a follow-up project to Availibility Management, Capacity Management and Event Management. The data model is an elaboration of the ITIL process Service Catalog Management and implemented in TOPdesk.

He loves to be back in his 'old' workingfield where he has the knowledge and experience of the past 25 years to support organizations and companies at every level in setting up and implementing business processes, ITIL processes, controlled execution projects and supervising employees during organizational and process changes. His 16 years of work experience at the largest government agency The Tax and Customs Administration makes sure that he manages to navigate well in politically sensitive environments in order to achieve the objectives. Are you looking for a quartermaster, a networker, a project-based Process Manager, process-based Project Manager or Change manager? Contact him to talk freely and what he can do for you

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